Strength in Numbers

It started as a dinner reservation for six: an opportunity to discuss an idea for the new Government of Canada Innovation Supercluster Initiative. From there, the idea’s potential was tested and continually validated until more than 70 organizations had agreed to combine their resources to find solutions to their shared challenges and expand the ocean economy.

This past February, the Ocean Supercluster was announced as one of five successful initiatives in the government competition — attracting federal money to match the more than $200 million in cash and in-kind investments contributed by organizations from different ocean sectors across Atlantic Canada. The vision is to grow the ocean industry into one of the most significant, sustainable and valuable segments of Canada’s economy.

While industry is leading the charge, Dal played a key role in the development of the proposal and will continue to lend expertise — most notably through the Ocean Frontier Institute’s international network of scientific expertise.

Cluster initiatives have a proven track record in places like Norway, which has an ocean economy 6.5 times larger than Canada’s with only about one-seventh the population. By bringing together companies, academic institutions and not-for-profit organizations, the Ocean Supercluster will create a collaborative environment that finds innovative solutions for issues they all share. Working together to develop our vast ocean potential.

The Ocean Supercluster is just one of the many ways Dalhousie collaborates with industry, government and community to help make the most of our strengths and grow our local economies.

Shaped by Strategy

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Turning 200

Professor Elisabeth Mann Borgese established the International Ocean Institute in 1972 and helped lay the foundation for the United Nations Convention of the Law of the Sea.


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