Spotlight on a Year of Belonging

What does it mean to truly belong? And what does it take to create a world where we all feel like we truly belong?

Those were the guiding questions behind Dal 200’s Year of Belonging, which put discussions and debates about diversity, equity and inclusion front-and-centre during the university’s bicentennial celebrations. 

Audiences turned out in large numbers to hear from disability activist Rick Hansen, songwriter and activist Buffy Sainte-Marie, Olympic champion Mark Tewksbury, MIT historian Craig Steven Wilder, Senator Murray Sinclair, animal scientist and autism advocate Temple Grandin and civil rights activist Angela Davis. Each speaker brought a unique and inspiring perspective on how to foster belonging. 

By participating in the things that continue to move us forward, we recognize that we build relations, we build friendships, we recognize in spite of differences we have more in common than we would imagine.Rick Hansen
I think we all have that opportunity to walk into spaces where you find inspiration, or some kind of moral or social challenge, or some new body of knowledge. And the key thing is: what do we do with it when we leave? And I think we should all challenge ourselves to think about experience that way, as one that doesn’t end when the session ends but when we incorporate what we’ve learned into our own lives and our own politics.Craig Steven Wilder
We can have different opinions and can look at the world differently, but if we don’t have a base of respect then it’s really hard to find a middle ground where we all can belong.Mark Tewksbury
Belonging means being comfortable inside the group and confident when outside of it. I think they’re both very important.Buffy Sainte-Marie

Community Engagement Manager

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