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Spotlight on Community Connections

Creating security through compassion

by Stefanie Wilson

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Maintaining safety and security extends beyond the many daily tasks Dal’s Security Services performs across our campuses.

“We’ve heard that safety on campus means so much more to our community,” explains Jake MacIsaac, assistant director, Security. “It’s about feeling safe because you’re accepted and respected as you are.”

That’s why Dal Security has started working from an empathy-centred model that asks the team to think “what would it be like for me?” It’s a concept that changes the way they deal with everything from lost and found items to interactions with people in distress.

“And each one of us is looking for ways to bring these ideas to work,” says Jake. “For example, one of our patrol officers, Chantale, heard about a campaign that was raising awareness and supplies for Shelter Nova Scotia and suggested we set up a donation drop. For a while, we were able to take it even further by cancelling parking tickets for those who brought in a donation.

“It’s a good example of how this approach empowers us to relate to the work in a new way,” Jake says. “It’s very motivating and it engages us with the community in a way that’s positive for everyone.”

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