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by Niecole Killawee

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As host of the Sciographies podcast, David Barclay has been introducing us to the people who make science happen.

The podcast and radio show, launched by the Faculty of Science in partnership with campus-community radio station CKDU FM, returned for a second season this year. Which brings the total to 14 different types of Dal scientists that he’s interviewed for the program.

“I got involved with Sciographies because I’ve always been interested in how scientists are represented to the greater public,” says Dr. Barclay, who in addition to his role as an assistant professor in the Department of Oceanography is an underwater acoustics specialist and Canadian Research Chair (Tier II) in Ocean Technology Systems.

“Often our interactions with the public through media have to be limited to a quote or soundbite. With Sciographies, we can offer some breathing room for our guests to share stories about anything and everything. Guests talk about finding their passion, accidental and deliberate discoveries, the meandering academic career path, and the creative process behind scientific research.”

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