Dalhousie University Community Report 2018–19
Into our third century
Into our
third century

It has been a remarkable year.

Celebrating Dalhousie University’s past 200 years has inspired us to look forward. To imagine the next 200 years, and begin work on the great things we will carry into the future. As Atlantic Canada’s leading research-intensive university, we help drive the region’s intellectual, social and economic development. We also bring people together — a role that was expanded as we opened our doors to the surrounding community for a year of memorable events. By welcoming diverse perspectives and listening to different voices, we are working together to create a better tomorrow for all of us.

It was a year that set the foundation for possibility. Just imagine where we can go from here.

Go back to Dal, touch the walls, talk to the administrative staff of your faculty…I have no doubt you will feel like you are going home.Lesra Martin, LLB ‘97
Belonging takes work, it takes friendship, a welcoming smile and a sense of knowing you are part of something.Michele Graveline, Indigenous Student Advisor
This has been a remarkable year for Dalhousie.Mayann Francis, former Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia and Distinguished Public Service Fellow, Faculty of Management
Dalhousie has such an important role to play — as an innovator, as a research leader, as a community builder, as a hub to bring people together and inspire great things.Claudia Gutierrez Perez, BA ‘18
No matter where you are, whether you’re off campus or in residence, you are a part of this community.Aaron Prosper, Dalhousie Student Union President 2018-19
Let our hearts, minds and sense of spirit be committed to the next seven generations of people and landscape. Let us carry the fire onwards.shalan joudry, Artist and Storyteller
Celebrations have provided us with an opportunity to look back, and to appreciate the vision and dedication of those before us.David Anderson, Dean, Faculty of Medicine
The biggest obstacle is if we stop talking—if we don’t try and challenge ourselves to hear different voices.Howard Ramos, Professor and Associate Dean of Research, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Hosting Mark Tewksbury as part of the 200th anniversary was a highlight for many of our students and teachers.Joe Morrison, Principal, Citadel High School
It is so rewarding to see a space like the new Student Learning Commons come together to so perfectly meet the needs of our ever-changing student body.David Gray, Dean and Campus Principal, Faculty of Agriculture
As we stand at the dawn of our third century, the best is yet to come.Richard Florizone, President Emeritus
Dalhousie has been such a huge part of my development both as a coach and as a player, and it continues to do that today.Anna Stammberger, Dalhousie Women’s Basketball Coach
Spotlight on Student Experience
Whether it's through art forms like video games or on social media, hearing from every voice means we can work toward a more just society. Using technology that represents all of us to build a better society, that's the future I imagine.Tabea Marzlin
Spotlight on Teaching & Learning
What if academic space was more welcoming of different ways of being? Imagine if being in a university setting didn’t mean that people had to learn how to be different types of people — if Indigenous students could just be themselves here and still be able to succeed.Margaret Robinson
Spotlight on Community Partnership
Imhotep's Legacy Academy (ILA) is inspiring young African Canadian learners to imagine themselves thriving in STEM careers. In addition to creating a diverse workforce of future professionals, ILA is developing role models for other African Canadian learners.Sidney Idemudia, ILA Executive Director
Spotlight on a Year of Belonging
By participating in the things that continue to move us forward, we recognize that we build relations, we build friendships, we recognize — in spite of differences — we have more in common than we would imagine.Rick Hansen

Year in Review

From research breakthroughs and innovation, to building more inclusive communities and reflecting on our history, our people and partners found many ways to make their mark in the past year.

Year in Review

From research breakthroughs and innovation, to building more inclusive communities and reflecting on our history, our people and partners found many ways to make their mark in the past year.

Imagining the

Dalhousie is more vibrant and connected than ever. To create a future where everyone can thrive, we need to come together and learn from the knowledge and skills of the communities that shape us.

In 2019, Dalhousie is committed to implementing an Indigenous Strategy and African Nova Scotian Strategy, and to supporting the diverse individuals and communities who find their place at Dalhousie. We are dedicated to fostering both new and existing community partnerships that serve the region and the world.

After 200 years, our legacy lives in our people and the impact we make together. We know the opportunities and challenges we face are too large for any one university, one sector or even one country to tackle alone.

By coming together, we create a better future. Imagine what we can do next.

The story continues with you. Whether you’re a student or the parent of one, an alum, a mentor or a community partner, you have helped shape Dalhousie’s past year. Thank you.

Community Engagement Manager

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