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Looking Forward

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Dalhousie’s new strategic plan is set to be unveiled this spring — a roadmap that will help us build on our achievements of the past two centuries and guide us towards the promise of our third century ahead.

Our new plan is the product of the shared aspirations expressed by the Dalhousie community through the comprehensive and consultative planning process that spanned the past two years. It signals Dalhousie’s long-term ambition while providing a clear, actionable strategy to guide us through the next five years.

The plan embodies our promise as a Dalhousie community — the promise to give our collective best, continually push the limits, ensure that opportunities and benefits are equitably available and attainable, and rededicate ourselves to be the lever of economic and social uplift of our diverse communities.

Look for more information in the coming weeks and months at dal.ca/strategicplan

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