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Two outstanding scientists have been named as Dalhousie’s newest research chairs and have joined the university’s exclusive partnership with Tesla.

Chongyin Yang and Michael Metzger will both work very closely with Jeff Dahn, who is currently the NSERC/Tesla Canada Inc. Industrial Research Chair and Canada Research Chair in Materials for Advanced Batteries.

“Dr. Yang and Dr. Metzger bring new ideas, new methods, and new expertise as well as a full commitment to electric transportation and renewable energy to the partnership,” says Dr. Dahn.

Dr. Yang, the Tesla Canada Research Chair comes to Dal from the University of Maryland, where he led research projects on material and device development for high energy aqueous lithium-ion batteries. His research group will focus on developing high-performance materials that will contribute to lower-cost, longer lifetime, and higher-energy battery technologies as the next-generation energy storage solution for electric vehicles and sustainable green energy.

Dr. Metzger, the Herzberg-Dahn Chair, brings research experience from close collaboration with BASF and BMW as well as work as a research engineer for Robert Bosch, the largest supplier for the automotive industry. His research group will focus on developing new methods of studying performance and longevity to provide insight that will help develop new electrode materials and electrolytes for stationary and electric vehicle batteries.

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